Evelyn Kuo




Since 1996 Evelyn Kuo has helped hundreds of clients hone athleticism, increase range of motion and strength, gain breath awareness, improve mental focus, achieve peace of mind, get relief from pain, recover from injuries, ease pregnancy, and include better health habits into daily life. As the owner of Essence of Motion for the last 15 years, she has strived to create a sacred space for people to connect with their bodies and minds. Teaching with expertise, a calming demeanor, and a strong work ethic keep students eagerly coming back for more.

Certified in Pilates through the Physical Mind Institute, Evelyn has studied with masters in the field including renowned teacher Jillian Hessel. She is also certified in Shiatsu massage and has studied craniosacral therapy at the prestigious Upledger Institue, Reiki healing in England, and breath meditation with David Elliott in Los Angeles. Her unique approach is supported by ongoing training in her current fields of knowledge, as well as other alternative healing methods such as yoga, aqua-craniosacral therapy, and Functional Physical Therapy. Athletic since childhood, her interest in movement has driven her to understand how various therapies contribute to a stronger, healthier body and mind.

“My desire is to educate people about body awareness and the physical connections that improve health, both inside and out. After working with me, I hope students regularly include the learned concepts into their daily lives. Doing so will bring more joy, balance, and peace.”
When away from the studio you can find Evelyn Zen dancing, hiking the beautiful Southern California Mountains, or enjoying the sun and surf at the beach. Evelyn resides in Pasadena with her husband, Krys Mach.


Toni Maddocks




Toni’s first interaction with Pilates happened at UC Santa Cruz on a friend’s suggestion she take a mat class through the school’s kinesiology program. With a background in dance, she found that the method’s fluidity and focus on breath and muscle control a wonderful complement to her fitness routine.

She then studied for 2 years at the College of San Mateo under Balanced Body faculty member Sarah Artha-Negara to receive her comprehensive Pilates training certification, teaching for the past 2 years at studios and gyms around the San Francisco peninsula.

 Originally from the Bay Area, Toni moved down to Los Angeles/Pasadena to further pursue her passions for acting and filmmaking while still staying active with Pilates. Her goal is to give each client a fun and challenging workout tailored specifically to their needs and fitness background.

When not in the studio, you can find her in acting class, camping with friends, singing karaoke, or reading recipe books (searching for that ever-elusive perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe).

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