“ Are you ready to heal your body & soul?”

Essence of Motion

ABOUT – EVELYN KUO- CranioSacral Therapist & Energy Healer

Since 1996 Evelyn Kuo has helped hundreds of clients increase
Range of motion and strength, gain breath awareness, improve
Mental focus, achieve peace of mind, get relief from pain, ease
Pregnancy, and include better health habits into daily life.
She has strived to create a sacred space for people to connect
with their bodies and minds.

Her interest in movement has driven her to understand how
Various therapies contribute to a stronger, healthier body
and mind.

Training in CranioSacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute,
combined with Breath meditation, Reiki, Shiatsu Massage, Bio-Dynamic Resonance,

INCA Shamanic work, Crystal Healing, functional
physical therapy, yoga and Pilates, her unique approach is supported
by ongoing training in a variety of alternative healing methods.

“When I met Evelyn, I was a mess. I was experiencing unusual nerve
conditions; tingling/numbness all over my body (including the tip of
my tongue), dizziness, had lack of balance, couldn’t concentrate.
In conjunction with NUCCA Chiropractic care, Evelyn unraveled the
tightness in my head/jaw (from my braces), alleviated the “fuzziness”
in my forehead, and got my body back in tune with itself. She was
an integral part in helping me cope  and heal my condition.”

Bonnie Francisco

“CranioSacral Therapy is the most effective method of assisting the
connection of the mind body that I have ever experienced. I benefited
from a series of 1-hour sessions over a couple of months that changed
my life for the better regarding personal awareness, peace of mind, and
it got me through a rough transitional period.”

Greg Andrade

“Evelyn has helped me move through some very difficult situations with
acceptance and onward with renewed energy.”

Michelle Saykally

“I don’t know how to explain something so subtle and energetic.
But I do know how I feel after a session with Evelyn-wonderful!
I’m feeling more relaxed and balanced. I’m aware of my entire body
feeling grounded. Even my eyesight improved – not to mention my sleeping
is better! I wish more people knew how valuable CranioSacral work is.”

Sonja Licata

Energy Healing Offering

Adults – In Person

  •  1st Time New Client Consultation + Healing – 75 minutes   $ 222.00
  •  Personalized Energy Healing Session –            60 minutes   $188.00             
  • (required to take 1st time New Client session)
  • Personalized Energy Healing session –             45 minutes   $150.00 
  • {required to take 1st time New Client session)

Virtual Energy Healing (Distance healing) 

45 Minutes                               $ 150.00

60 minutes                               $ 180.00

Energetic Clearing – Clearing Entities – (Virtual or In Person)

20 to 30 Minutes                     $ 88.00

45 minutes                               $ 150.00

Children – Ages 2 to 18 years old

30 minutes                               $ 80.00

45 minutes                               $ 100.00

House Calls Available

Extra $50 to $150 added to the session, depending the distance.

Cancellation and Payment Agreement

I understand that if I cancel a scheduled appointment. I must notify Evelyn Kuo at least 24 hours in advance or I will be charged the price of that session. The fee may be waived due to illness or an emergency at the Therapist’s discretion. A $25 fee will be applied to all returned checks. All sessions are prepaid and non-refundable. 

Schedule your Appointment with Evelyn – 626-922-7736 CALL/TEXT or pilates@essenceofmotion.com