How to Begin Your Essence of Motion Training?

We suggest beginning with a few private sessions to become familiar with your body’s strengths and needs. It is important to work correctly from the beginning.

Essence of Motion staff will introduce you to the philosophy of Pilates, the terminology, and the different apparatus. There is much information that requires your attention in the beginning to help set a sound platform for future training.

How Often Must You Do Pilates?

Two to three times a week is what we suggest to our new clients. Pilates is a language and consistency is the key to learning this language, not only mentally, but within the body.

Can You Begin with Mat Classes?

As long as you are healthy, and have no pre-existing conditions or injuries, the answer is yes. Mat classes are open level and beginners can join.

What to Wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that is neither too loose or too tight. Fitted yoga-like workout clothing work well, socks are required but no shoes.

Is Pilates Right For You? How Do You Know?

Make an accurate appraisal after several sessions. Pilates is a physical discipline that incorporates an attendant philosophy. Having an awareness of both aspects takes time With a bit of time, plus your commitment, you can make an effective decision.