Essence of Motion

Evelyn’s intention is to create a healing space with integrity, honesty, respect. She provides a loving, peaceful, and safe environment for people to heal trauma, transform their life and reconnect the essence of who they are and owning it.

Personalized Healing Session

She personalizes each healing session based on individual needs. She weaves together the techniques of CranioSacral Therapy, Bio-Dynamic Resonance, Inca Shamanic, Reiki, Crystals and Breath Meditation as optimal for each person.

Why Personalize the Session?

Every client is different. Through the initial energy and body scan, Evelyn is given indications of what the client needs the most. In her years of experience, she has learned that combining one or more modalities is very effective.

Descriptions each type of healing therapies:

CranioSacral Therapy

Using a light, highly -trained, touch, CranioSacral practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral system, comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and the spinal cord, to improve the functioning of the Central Nervous System. This gentle, hands-on method evaluates and improves the functioning of the physiological body system.
This method helps alleviate illness, pain & dysfunction, including:

  1. Migraines & headaches
  2. Chronic neck & back pain
  3. Stress & tension related problems
  4. Traumatic brain & spinal cord injuries
  5. Emotional difficulties
  6. Post-traumatic stress disorder & many
  7. Other conditions


Reiki is a powerful, natural healing method, a subtle art and science of restoring your depleted energy. Using universal life force, which balances our natural energy, promoting healing and positive well being. It brings about wholeness, higher consciousness and ultimately enlightenment. It is a way of using a higher energy to restore and balance our own body physically, emotionally, and mentally to connect with our inner self, and spirit.

Breath Meditation

Healing Breath is an ancient pranic healing technique that promotes healing and regeneration. It is a very powerful technique to increase stamina, energy, and calmness. Using two stages of breath work, essential oils, and crystal bowls. Breath work sessions are available both individually and in small group settings.

Evelyn Kuo has extensively studied many aspects of breathwork, taking it further into the meditative aspects into Breath Meditation. Her mentors include David Elliott, Los Angeles, and Sahasi Dewease in England..

Bio-Dynamic Resonance Technique

The energy vials are filled with water and are repositories of concepts, idea, and constructs. These can bear influence on the external energy fields of the body with which you are working. This is a system of introducing frequencies to the external field of a subject to influence and educated the body, producing a growth, shift, or at least a change, opening to growth and healing. By influencing the external energy field, the internal energy patters have an opportunity to shift as well. The energy vials are designed by two brilliant Chiropractors, Patricia Ebert, D.C. & Dominique Desrochers,D.C.

Inka Peruvian Shaman Medicine work